Thursday, August 23, 2012

Various Photos with Captions

Jane took over 800 photos during our trip to Israel.  Below are a smattering of ones that are more human interest than various holy sites.  All photos are by Jane, unless she is in them. Captions are by me.
New World Trade Tower from Newark Airport

Olives on the tree in August -- they'll be ripe in October

Fabric acting as a roof in an outdoor room of a restaurant -- photo taken looking straight up.

Candy booth outside of Damascus Gate

Spices in an Old Jerusalem storefront

Fresh fruit market between Damascus Gate and our Hotel

Jane at the Western Wall

An Old Jerusalem City street decorated for Ramadan

 A pyramid of za'atar -- thyme with sesame seeds and sumac

Buying Postcard Stamps at the Jerusalem Post Office

At the spice store

Adam and William, the caretaker at the Bethlehem Church who also had his picture taken with popes and presidents.

Coffee shop in Bethlehem

Jane and the Fr.. Nael's wife, Mira, in Zababdeh

Adam and Iyad, our guide

Bishop Sean in the Wilderness between Jerusalem and Jericho


Under a Sycamore Tree, like the one Zacchaeus climbed

Nazareth Coffee Shop

Bishop Sean and Father Fuad

Jane and the girl who reminded her of Lily in the ice cream shop in Shefa’Amr

The White Hand of Saruman??  No, just an international stop sign.

Adam pointing to Cave 4 at Qumran

How not to end up dead in the dead sea...

Jane's Dead Sea Spa Treatment

West Jerusalem Mass Transit Trolley

Dress shop near our hotel where we plan to buy Lily's prom gown

Photography blimp over the Old City for security during Ramadan Fridays

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  1. These photographs are just *beautiful*! And of course, gotta love the Stars & Bucks. ;-)