Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Top Ten Signs of Resurrection in the Episcopal Church

In preparation for our celebration of Easter, Acts 8 Moment has asked for folks to submit Top Ten lists for Signs of Resurrection in the Episcopal Church.  Here's my submission....

The Top Ten Signs of Resurrection in the Episcopal Church

10. Alcoholics and addicts being saved in the sanctuary as well as in the basement.

9. Social media being used competently to spread the good news and strengthen the Body of Christ. 

8. Senior ladies who, in the midst of change, still love each other, care for the poor, work hard, and go to their closets regularly to pray in secret as they were taught.  

6. The numerous outdoor Palm Sunday processions taking the church in all its quirky splendor to the community. 
Palm Sunday at Christ Church Cathedral, Cincinnati

Ben Campbell
4. A full Catholic Holy Week lineup (with smells and bells), evangelical life transformation groups (with Bible study and accountability), and charismatic healing prayer (with speaking in tongues) all offered in the same congregation.

3. The Rev. Ben Campbell and Richmond Hill.

2. St. John's Family Kitchen. (For a video about it, go to our Diocesan Web Site and click "Launch Media Player" at the bottom of the page)

1. The Easter Alleluia boldly and joyfully proclaimed!

If you'd like to add your own list, send it along to Acts8 using the link below, or put them in the comments below and I'll pass them along.
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