Sunday, April 6, 2014

Northwestern Pennsylvania Episcopal Elevator Pitches

Last week the Acts8 Blogforce challenged the church to come up with elevator pitches for the Episcopal Church.  The pitches below were created as part of the Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania's strategic planning process. These are shorter than 250 words (since we have very short elevators in these parts), and targeted to a few different groups.

For people who are already ‘churched’ and looking for a home:
Our worship is beautiful, our beliefs are generous and grounded in Scripture, history and present reality, our dedication to the Holy Spirit’s leading is firm, our hospitality is warm – our community has a place for you.

For people who know nothing about ‘church’:
We believe that we need to love God with heart and soul, mind and strength.  The Episcopal Church supports me in doing that in every possible way.  This community warms my heart, nourishes my soul, respects and encourages my mind, gives me a place to exercise my strength – and a nudge when I don’t do these things well.

General audiences
We are a home where strugglers, saints, sinners and seekers can find love, acceptance and restoration. Ritual, community, genuine welcome and the sharing of thoughts and ideas is a way of life in the Episcopal Church.

The Episcopal Church − through worship, fellowship and outreach – is a place of peace and assurance, honest connections with people who care about you, an opportunity to understand the positive directions to which your gifts will lead you and an authentic experience of God acting in the world and in you.

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