Monday, December 2, 2013

Prepare the Way of the Lord


I'd love to. 
Prepare the way of the Lord, that is.
Sounds like a great idea,
            not making the Lord go around in detours.
            Probably why he came in December
                        instead of during a summer of
                                    PennDot construction.

the problem is
that I don't know where he
            wants to go or how he
            plans to get there.
Maybe somebody could get Jesus
            a new GPS for Christmas.
There's probably already
            a straight path somewhere
            that knows how to properly
                        fete a Lord Almighty,
                        even one in a manger.

I'm rather busy,
            especially preparing for Christmas.
Too much to do.
Too busy spinning wheels
            going from this place to that
            running around in circles.
Not sure I'm a person to talk about straight paths –
            I've been to six different stores
            with very little marked off the list,
            and more back and forth trips
                        than I care to count.

I feel kind of guilty
            about all the bustle.
I know what this season is about:
            the preparation of the
                        coming of Christ
                        in the manger and
                        in the final hour.
I want to feel the silence,
                        the peace,
                        the calm,
                        the clear brightness
                                    of a starry, winter night.
I need a straight path for myself
            before I can prepare    one      more    thing.

Come, Lord Jesus.
Come, Word Made Flesh, to dwell in the midst of us.
Come, Prince of Peace, to calm our hearts.
Come, Lord of Glory, to surround us in love.

Come, Lord Jesus.
The Lord comes among us;
            let me stop
                         and recognize you.
The Lord comes with peace;
            let me stop
                        and stop worrying that
                        I have stopped too long.
The Lord comes with love;
            let me stop
                        and feel to the core of my being
                        how unfathomably much
                                    you      love     me.

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