Monday, September 15, 2014

God Provides -- Doggie-Doo Edition

Earlier this week while sitting in the stands at a soccer game, our little schnoodle Heidi decided to gnaw on her leash. This afternoon, the weakened leash finally broke. So at 8:30pm, I went to K-mart and bought a new leash so that Heidi and I could go out for our evening walk together.

About a half-mile from home, Heidi stopped to do her business.  At that moment, I realized I hadn't attached the little clean-up bag carrier to the new leash. I searched my pockets for something I could use to pick up after her. (I couldn't leave such a gift on the funeral home lawn.) All I had was a movie stub, so, grateful that my small dog had small bowels, I gingerly grasped the product of a healthy canine digestive system in paper-covered fingers. 

The Missing Leash Attachment
After a few steps, I thought, "It really is a pretty good day if the worst thing that happens is carrying some recycled dog chow for a half-mile." Then I thought, "I just need to find a discarded dollar store bag stuck in the grass -- I'm sure God could provide one for me." About two steps later, on the lawn of St. Joseph's Church, a previously owned McDonald's cup was just waiting to be filled with the still warm treasure I carried so carefully. 

God's Provision
Moral of the story: if we offer up to God the crap we're carrying, he'll give us whatever we need.

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